Friday, September 28, 2007

Zombies are Coming!

Halloween is only a month away now. Since it's so close, and after all, Halloween Express has had the HUGE inflatable pumpkin store set up over at our state fair grounds since early September, it seems like a good time for the zombies to start arriving.

Yes, that's right, the zombies are coming. In fact, some are already here.

We have already received some Marvel Zombie T-Shirts and posters. The Marvel Select zombie Spider-Man and Cl. America have arrived in stores. We have only a couple left of the Marvel Zombie Minimates! (pictured)
Marvel is officially making October "Zombie Month" by having zombie variant covers for a number of comics every week. This coming week's special zombie covers are: Howard the Duck #1 and Ms. Marvel #20. Keep in mind that these are NOT zombie stories, just variant covers featuring the characters as zombies.

Walking Dead Volume 7 tpb, the Image comic series created by Robert Kirkman, just came out this week. It is a really great story, and we always sell a TON of every volume of this one. It isn't just a story about zombies either, but about human survival and adaptation.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War soft cover is coming 10/16. We had this book in the store in hard cover and it sold well. It's going to be a movie too they say - Brad Pitt's production company bought the option. So I am sure the soft cover version will continue to sell very well! We have the companion book: The Zombie Survival Guide in soft cover currently, and in the one year we have carried it, it has made the top 100 books sold at Neptune since we opened - that tells you how popular this is!

Last Night on Earth game is coming in on Monday. Some pictures below. Enlarge them to see in more detail. It has actually been out since Gen Con I think, and our distributor sold out and we had to wait for the next shipment to arrive. Our game distributor rep told me that the game is GREAT and they've heard nothing but positive things. It not only has a B-Horror Movie feel to it, but it plays that way too. Pick one up to play at your Halloween party or to give to a zombie fan for the holidays. The pieces and cards look great and I have no doubt we'll sell a lot of this one.

Marvel Zombies 2
is also coming soon. There are so many Marvel Zombie fans now that I am sure this mini-series will be hugely popular and stores will sell out. We ordered a ton - so if you don't already shop here at Neptune and your store sells out, check with us to see if we've got it.

So, brace yourself - you never know when the Zombie War will begin. Will you be ready?

Based on my risk analysis, Craig and I would only have a 29% chance of surviving the Zombie War.

Someone needs to make one of those image converters where you can turn yourself into a zombie - THAT would be cool. If there is one already and you know about it, please share.

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