Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Zot! Coming Next Year

You might remember back in late April we were lucky enough to host comic book creator and self-proclaimed inventor Scott McCloud, as he visited every state in the U.S. and some countries to promote his "Making Comics" book.

Well, next year it sounds like he'll be touring again. His comic book, Zot! will be printed in graphic novel format and published by Harper Collins, to be released in conjunction with the San Diego Comic Con. The book will be a massive 576 pages in 6" X 9" format, all black and white, and the current SRP is $22.95. "The book will include extensive commentary by McCloud on its creation, as well as much never-before-seen material. The book will also include “the Earth Stories,’ the last nine stories in the series, which have never been reprinted."

Zot! was McCloud's first published comic book series. He says that it is, "A cross between Peter Pan, Buck Rogers and Marshall McLuhan."

To read the full article from Publisher's Weekly, click here.
To find out more about Scott McCloud and Zot!, click here.


Scott King said...

I'm really looking forward to this... specially at such a reasonable price.

Lisa said...

Exactly!! I know we'll order a few copies.