Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Addition to The Office

According to TV Guide on-line, NBC is planning to expand it's hit show, The Office. Not to go back to running 1-hour episodes, which I think would be GREAT, but instead to have an additional show called The Office II or something like that.

According to the news, they are looking for a star to head up that show, and would first introduce the new office cast on the regular show and then spin them off into their own show - a separate branch or something.

Craig thinks the idea sucks. I think it could be OK - if they do it right and keep it funny without having it be a copy of the original.

Side note - you can even find "adult" images with the key words "the office," I had several links pop up about sex in the office with that search. I guess no matter what you type you can find porn links.


Ben from Arizona said...

I'm in full agreement with Craig. This spin-off's best joke will probably be compared to the lamest joke on the original Office - much like the relationship b/t Family Guy and American Dad. The only way the show would have a decent chance is if they bring Ricky Gervais in as the regional manager.

Thom said...

I was reasonably intrigued by last nights episode. But really, in that event, it might just be more interesting to do an episode or two focused on that branch.

I would recommend they have it be an office working in some other industry though.

Scott said...

I'm hearing mix things about the spin-off. I'll probably post about it tomorrow or later in the week. But to my understanding, there is no planned spin-off.

What happened is the hour long ratings for "The Office" were so good that NBC went to the producers and said "please lets make the show an hour long. The producers said "no." So then NBC said, "Well what about a spinoff?" and the producers said "Well think about it."

So really at this point nothing is in stone. I mean scripts haven't even been ordered for a pilot. Plus with the strike, this happening is even less likely.