Friday, October 19, 2007

Cool Upcoming Stuff

How come no one ever tells me about this cool stuff? I stumble across it on-line when it's a bit slow in the store. Someone really should share these cool news bits with me and save me the work!

Well, if you didn't know - I'm sharing these tidbits with you.

A new Knight Rider TV Series!! NBC is working on it and there's a script and everything.

A Battlestar Galactica pc/X-Box live game!! Based on the new series. Wishing I had an X-Box now. Might have to work on upgrading the PC for this one.

An upgrade to The Birds. I watched the Hitchcock movie as a kid and it really freaked me out! If Michael Bay can do to this story what he did to Transformers - wow.

The other day they released a full, boxed set of all of the episodes of Macguyver. Too bad it doesn't have a cool box that looks like a bomb or something. According to customer reviews - how people watched 39 episodes in three days I'll never know - there aren't any extras or anything, so if you already own all of the seasons individually you'll be disappointed.

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