Monday, October 22, 2007

Something Different for Superman

Warner Brothers might try something different with the next Superman movie. For those of you who agree with me that the last film, directed by Bryan Singer and staring Brandon Routh, was both dull and poorly written, are glad to hear this news. Singer announced back at Comic Con SD that there would definately be more action in his follow up film - which is good. I got a little tired of watching Superman fly in the last film. According to Variety yesterday, the last film's writing team of Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris will not be returning to write the next Superman flick.

There are rumors that the next Superman film will be a completely separate film, taking place is if "Superman Returns" never happened. And those that thought Superman as an illegitamate father and peeping tom wasn't a great characterization of the classic man in tights are very much in support of such rumors.

However, WB is denying those rumors and is also saying that Routh is going to be Superman again in the next film. I didn't dislike Routh, so I guess I can live with that choice, as long as this movie is significantly better than the last one.

Of course, if the writers leave this could cause a whole collapse of the film. Singer worked with Dougherty and Harris on X2 (which I thought was a good movie) so they might have a team mentality and now that the writers are gone Synger could always bow out, and then Routh could leave because Singer is gone. Then maybe there won't even be another Superman film in the near future.

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