Tuesday, October 16, 2007

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier Preview

Entertainment Weekly has a 4-page sneak peak preview of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier, by Alan Moore. It is FINALLY scheduled to hit shelves on November 14th - after a delay of over a year.

According to EW: "What you need to know: The story is set in an alternative-history England roughly 50 years after the Martian invasion of 1898. Quatermain and Murray, both strangely younger than when we saw them previous (and they were quite old back then — like, liver-spotted and wrinkled-prune old), are trying to track down a mysterious book that contains secrets about their League adventures and revelations about other League teams throughout history. Natch, there are some baddies who are desperate to make sure the dynamic duo fail in their quest."

According to rumors, Moore plans another LOEG comic book series that will be published via Top Shelf. But, he is never quick to get his stuff out, so do not expect it anytime soon.

THE BLACK DOSSIER is an elaborately designed, cutting-edge volume that includes a "Tijuana Bible" insert and a 3-D section complete with custom glasses, as well as additional text pieces, maps, and a stunning cutaway double-page spread of Captain Nemo's Nautilus submarine by Kevin O'Neill. Don't miss what's sure to be one of the most talked-about books of the year! We will have plenty of copies of the Black Dossier in-stock on 11/14/07, so be sure to pick up a copy for yourself or a friend - it will make a great holiday gift. It is 208 pages and will be $29.99.

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