Monday, October 15, 2007

You Think You Can Write Star Wars?

Being in the geek industry, I have heard MUCH criticism of Star Wars, especially the newer movies.

Well, if you think you can do better, here is your chance. According to Entertainment Weekly, George Lucas is actively looking RIGHT NOW for writers to work on the live action Star Wars show.

Send your resume to Lucas Ranch right now! I'm talking to YOU Jimsmash!


Anonymous said...

Incidentally - your twitter question... Was a space hopper :-)



Anonymous said...

i don't think it would be easy to wright star wars well a few parts anyway. i mean techniqually this story has been rewritten in many ways. but in this one there is drama not just fantasy. but honestlly if you are an intellectual person star wars and star trek are the worst shiws ever for you. because you know you can write it better than they did. i'm looking for pictures of people dressed in anime costumes that the library in kenton county held bbut there are no pictures that i can find of it!!!