Thursday, October 04, 2007

Memory Lane - Superhero Catalog of Games, Books, Toys & Puzzles

We found this in a collection and I thought that many comic book and comic book blog readers might remember this catalog and/or the toys, games and puzzles inside it. An entire catalog of comic book related fun stuff, and all drawn, not photographed! Imagine! And you can click on any image to see it larger, by the way.

So, for fun, I'm going to posting bits and pieces of it from now until we get through it. If you had any of the toys, be sure to give a "shout-out" as we stroll down comic book memory lane together.

Does anyone know what happened to publisher Ivan Snyder and his Superhero Shop?

Craig had the MEGO Fortress of Solitude, and we still have the Superman figure it came with. Anyone else have any of these cool "Comic Action Scenes?"

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Dr. K said...

Wow, this brings back memories. Not only did I get this catalog regularly as a kid, but I also had both the Wonder Woman and Batman sets. I seem to remember the Batman set also coming with Robin and Joker figures. I know for sure that I lost the Robin figure in a sandbox at a public park.

And I had friends who owned the other sets, including the Mangler, which was a bizarre toy. I was always worried that it would actually chew up and flatten my toys.

One of my greatest regrets from childhood is that my mother sold the Batman and Wonder Woman sets at a garage sale.