Friday, October 05, 2007

Another take on The Wizard of Oz

Have you ever noticed that The Wizard of Oz is one of those stories that has endured lifetimes? It has been done and re-done into a variety of stories since its creation by L. Frank Baum back in 1900. There was the classic movie with Judy Garland as Dorothy. There have been a variety of others too. There have been over 13 sequels written to the original story, and that's not counting all of the "interpretations" of the story. We have a couple of graphic novels and comic books that all are different takes on the Oz story.

This winter Sci-Fi channel is doing a mini-series called "Tin Man" that is their own take on the story. One of the trailers is below.

What do you think? It definitely has a star-studded cast. But just from this trailer it has a "Flash Gordon" feel to it - and I just don't want it to be another version of that show.

Sequential Tart is doing a round table in the Tart Time Machine next month on Wizard of Oz too. Be sure to check that out!

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