Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No, Really, This Time It's the BIGGEST

X-Men Messiah Complex is, according to a direct quote from Marvel: "The beginning of the first major X-Men crossover in ten years."

So, is this more major than House of M? Or wasn't that an X-Men crossover, even though it crossed into most X books and really had the largest impact on the X-Men?

And I guess the Endangered Species X-Over that they've talked everyone into buying isn't major. Even though it crosses into 4 X-Men books: X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, New X-Men and X-Factor. And this one hasn't even finished up yet. Endangered Species is 17 parts, and Messiah is only 13, right? So I guess quantity of issues isn't what makes a crossover "major."

How many times can Marvel have a crossover that they claim is major, only to have an even MORE major one come up? How many times can they claim something is HUGE before people stop listening? Are fans tired of this yet?

I am sure this will be a good series, and I know X-Men fans will read it. But once again we've got hype building up a product that may or may not deliver and trying to convince us that it's bigger than anything before.

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Thomwade said...

I don't know...Endangered Species seems to be a back up feature, more than an actual crossover. A crossover happens directly within the stories of the main books themselves. The X-Books I read (basically Uncanny, Astonishing and X-Factor) never acknowledge anything going on in the Endangered Species Backup stories. And House of M was technically an X-Men/Avengers crossover.

I am assuming that is why they feel comfortable claiming Messiah Complex is the first major crossover in ten years. But it is not a very strong marketing point in a market overly saturated with crossovers...

Ben from Arizona said...

Don't you think Marvel and DC would have learned their lessons in the 90s?