Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Behold, Neptune's Namor!

Fellow blogger Heidi from Comics Fairplay introduced me to the art of Ben Hansen. He's not a comic book big shot yet, but he's pretty good and I think he could become a future comic book artist star. Right now he's doing commissions for some extra money, so we had him do Namor - in honor of Neptune (not the planet version, the Roman god version) and of course he's holding the trident - which is symbolic of our Neptune logo. I think it turned out pretty cool! We don't have the paper versions yet, but Ben will probably get them to us in a week or two.

(head to my Flickr page if you want to see them larger)


James Meeley said...


I told you ben was the real deal. ;)

As to all the various version you have displayed. i think I like the penciled version best. you really get a feel for the detail in the pieces, that the other versions (especially the computer colored one) sort of wash away. Regardless, Ben is certainly a talent to be watched in the future. Glad Heidi and I could hook you up on getting something so cool. :)

Lisa said...

I agree - I almost always prefer pencils from any comic artist over the ink or color versions. But, I had him do all three because I wanted a finished, color piece too. Thanks again for getting me in touch with him.

Devil Doll said...

*dead from glee*

Lisa said...

LOL! Sorry he's got his shirt on though.