Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marvel Online - what the blogverse says

Throughout the day today I've been keeping my eye on the blogverse, to see how the general public is responding to the news that Marvel Comics is adding an online comic book subscription service.
Because most bloggers are tech savvy, most seem to approve of the move to online for Marvel. Those that do not like it largely seem to feel that it's not good enough. Check it out below, brief summary and links to the sources:

  • Stefan Hayden likes the idea because he’s far behind on reading and he can use this to catch up easily and at less cost
  • CMN 275 says this is exactly what he’d look for if he were into comics
  • Brian Heater of APPScout says it’s about time Marvel put comics back in the hands of young readers (in reading this, he doesn’t seem to know that Marvel is charging)
  • The Motley Fool doesn’t think it will do much to improve Marvel’s bottom line
Don't forget to take my survey and tell me what YOU think. More on what I think about it in a future post.

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