Friday, November 16, 2007

Comics Vs. Graphic Novels - Survey Results

A few weeks back I posted a discussion about comics vs graphic novels - who buys what, why, and how it effects the different parts of the comic book retail business. I also had a survey to find out what readers of my blog are reading: comics, graphic novels, or both. The results so far are below. The survey is still live, so if you have not yet responded, please do.

So far, it looks like most people read a combination of comics and graphic novels. What WAS surprising to me was that more respondents said that they read mostly graphic novels and only a few single issue comics, than those that said they read only comic books. At Neptune we gross almost twice as much in single issue new comics than we do in graphic novels. This makes me wonder if graphic novel buyers are buying their graphic novels somewhere other than their local comic book store. It also makes me wonder which comics are picked up by those that only pick up mostly graphic novels but a few single-issue comics, and why.

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