Friday, December 14, 2007

Classic Marvel Figurine Magazines

I blogged about these guys back in January when we were first getting them in. I believe there are just over 60 in total for the Marvel line (with a DC line beginning to appear in the UK) and we've got 53 now and another 5 coming in on Wednesday.

Anyone who has a favorite Marvel character or team should check them out. Each one has it's own stand, and they're hand painted. They're made of lead, so they have substance, (but should not be given to young children) plus you get the character magazine with it. I hear that they are very popular in the convenience stores (called Media Centers or something like that) in the UK. We have sold a lot of them as well. Even sending some way out to California!

I just think that they look so cool all displayed in the counter at our store that I had to post about them! There is a Galactus coming next year, probably in January or February, and he'll be around 10 inches tall!! (And probably pretty heavy since he's made of lead.) The regular ones are about 3.5" tall and the larger ones like Hulk and Colossus are just over 4" - so Galactus should tower over them. Don't be surprised if I do another post about these when he arrives!

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Anonymous said...

I've seen the galactus in my local store, it is indeed cosmic!