Thursday, December 20, 2007

Marvel March 08 Previews - My Take

Finally, the new Dark Tower comic book (pictured) is solicited. This was a GREAT seller for us in 2007, and it was a good story with beautiful art to boot, so I can't wait for more! This is another one of those comic books that bring in people who don't normally come into the comic book store.

Ultimate Spider-Man #120 has the X-Men guest starring. Have the numbers on this title gone down that much?

Amazing Spider-Man #552 brings on the next creative team: Written by BOB GALE Pencils & Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ. But how long will they keep the "Brand New Day" label on the series?

A new Fairy Tales series - Avengers Fairy Tales. These have been pretty fun in the past, so I'm looking forward to the new installment.

The Last Defenders sounds interesting. I'll at least check out the first issue.

Secret Invasion Saga - Are they giving us an unintended spoiler in the solicitation? I don't think we knew that (highlight to read if you don't mind spoilers) Black Bolt was a skrull yet, did we?

Not one, but TWO issues of Mighty Avengers are being solicited for March shipping. The series has been running steadily late since the first issue, so I guess they're going to take advantage of Mark Bagley's superpower of speedy pencils to catch back up. It does make me a bit crazy that we're going to go from one issue every other month or so to two issues a month, but I have confidence that Bagley is able to deliver on time, and he and Bendis made a good team on Ultimate Spidey, so I think it will be good here too.

X-Men will now be called X-Men:Legacy (pictured) and continue with the numbering from X-Men. Looks like Messiah Complex is bringing about another revamp, not just in characters and story, but in title names. I'd better start talking nice to my inventory program and computer so they don't rebel when I tell them about this.

Cable #1 comes out - no gap in months between the end of Cable Deadpool and the beginning of the new series. That's good!

Wolverine: First Class #1 - We need Wolverine in another comic book? But it does have Kitty Pryde too. And I believe it's a non-continuity story, which I like. I'm starting to get tired of every story relating to another.

Wait... there's ANOTHER new Wolverine mini-series starting. This one's called Logan and will have art by Edward Risso (100 Bullets) and Brian K Vaughan (Y The Last Man). That Wolverine sure has a lot of origin stories, doesn't he.

Punisher #55 is the last issue for Garth Ennis. Have they announced who is taking over after? I don't recall.

Speaking of Garth Ennis, it looks like he's also doing a mini-series - about an airplane pilot of all things (he's also writing Dan Dare, a pilot story, for Virgin comics) called War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle (pictured). It's a long title! And a Max book, so unlike Dan Dare, we'll get the usual vulgarity and cursing we usually get from Ennis.

They are soliciting the final issue of Ultimate Iron Man II in the same Previews as the collected hard cover edition. I HATE that.

Marvel is finally starting to market some Spanish translations to the US. Since there are so many Spanish speaking people living in the US it makes good sense, and it's about darn time. These aren't really something I need out in Waukesha, but for those in larger cities with bigger Hispanic and Latino populations I think it's a great thing. They've got Ultimate X-Men 1-12 collected coming first.


Richard Melendez said...

It was revealed that Black Bolt was a Skrull in the last issue of the New Avengers: Illuminati mini-series.

Lisa said...

Ah, thanks for that info Richard. I haven't the last couple of issues of NA Illuminati.

James Meeley said...

The writer who's taking over the Punisher when Ennis leaves, is the same guy who wrote the Puninsher Annual that came out not long ago: Mike Benson. That's something you might want to point out to your customers, Lisa, so they can "get a taste" of what his Punisher is like, before they have him working the regular series (plus, you might make a few extra bucks out of it ;)).