Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's Happening in Wolverine's Pants This Christmas?

This is the cover for the Marvel Holiday Special for this year. It's done by Ron Lim, Scott Koblish and Andrew Crossley. At first glance it's pretty fun, I thought. Wolverine & Spider-Man on the cover- two of Marvel's biggest and best sellers of comics. Spider-Man looks to be having fun decorating Wolverine, who doesn't look very enthusiastic about it.

But take a closer look at Wolverine's crotch. Why is it so square down there? Spider-Man doesn't look to have the same problem. Is it like the SNL music skit, "in a box?" Or maybe it's Wi-Fi?

This post is for Kelly Ann, who hasn't picked up her copy of this yet. She's had a family member die this week, and she is sick, dealing with a chinchilla with an impacted tooth, and getting ready to drive out to the north woods for Christmas with her family.

This crotch post is for you, KA! Merry Christmas!


Devil Doll said...

This crotch post is for you, KA! Merry Christmas!

Awww, you knew just what I wanted! Hee!

Thank you, both for thinking of me and for the laugh!

Brian Burkart said...

I think Bagley just signed a DC exclusive deal so expect Mighty Avengers to fall behind again!

The rumor is that Bagley will do the art on the next DC weekly title. If anyone can do it it's Mark and his speedy pencil!