Wednesday, December 12, 2007

TV Zone 222 - AWESOME Dr. Who Cover

This month's TV Zone features a Doctor Who story and the cover shows the 5th and 10th doctors. They're together for a Children's Charity special, viewable here.

I just HAD to post this because, well look in the new Doctor's pocket - a cute bear with a bandanna over his eye. Awwwww..... so cute!

This is the first issue of TV Zone we brought in-store for sale, and it looks like this one was a good choice. Hopefully people will buy it. There were also two Doctor Who magazines in today - the Special that they do every quarter I think, and the regular monthly magazine. If you're a Doctor Who fan this is a good week for reading material! Oh, and we got some "Doctor Who in Your Pocket" key chains that have six different voice bits from the show.

Personally the magazines are all I've got right now - no new Torchwood for about a month, no new Doctor Who, no new Battlestar Galactica. Just when I realized I was a sci-fi fan they took it all away. I still have to find a way to get the new Doctor Who series on DVD - I can't afford them but want them soooo badly.

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Swinebread said...

Wow, I thought the producer on the new show said The current Doctor Who would never meet other Doctors.