Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some Quick Links

The Golden Globe nominations here. I haven't seen most of those movies. Are they even out yet? I don't think I've even heard of most of the movies nominated for Best Picture. It looks like Damages, the FX series, is up for a number of awards, which I think it deserves. It is also the only show I've seen off of the Best TV Series list. No Heroes, no Lost, who made this list?

Confessions of a Superhero movie is coming out in January. What is it? According to Vern from Ain't it Cool News: It's a documentary about those people who dress up as cartoon characters on Hollywood Boulevard, pose for pictures with tourists and then guilt them into giving them tips. Sounds like it could be fun. Not sure I'd spend the money to buy it though.

Lost is being moved from it's regular Wednesday to... well we don't know that yet, but I guess they're supposed to announce it early next week. Of course the question is, what year? With the writer's strike and an upcoming actor's strike next summer I'm not sure when we might actually get new episodes of Lost.
UPDATE - Lost is moving to Thursday and the new season is scheduled to start January 31st.

Journeyman is over - for now. NBC has not officially declared it canceled, but they haven't ordered any additional episodes either. Fans are rallying - save Journeyman here.

I already blogged about the Justice League New Frontier DVD that's coming out in February. Now there's even better news. DC is letting Darwin Cooke and some friends do another New Frontier story: Justice League: The New Frontier Special, a 48-page (no ads) collection of stories from Cooke, J, Bone and David Bullock, including “New Frontier: The Lost Chapter” which shows the massive battle between Superman and Batman. Other characters getting the spotlight include Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Sgt. Rock and others. Newsarama has an interview with Cooke which includes more details.

Batman: The Dark Knight has an official movie web site, but there isn't much there yet. But check back soon! Rumor has it that the movie trailer will be there very soon. If you can't wait, there's a trailer playing before "I Am Legend" this weekend, and some kind of special version if you see "I Am Legend" on Imax screenes.

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ManoDogs said...

They had some kind of so-called "trailer" on that E! news show with Ryan Seacrest last night. I watched it, but all I remember of it is like 15 seconds of fire spewing from the back of the Batmobile.