Monday, January 07, 2008

Comic Book Pop Culture Updates

Just a few updates on comic book related pop culture news.

According to Sci-Fi Wire, Terminator 4 is planned, and they're calling it Terminator Salvation: The Future. But "governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will definitely not be in the movie or any of the contemplated sequels in what is expected to be a new trilogy of films. " The man behind the Bat mask, Christian Bale, is officially cast, and rumor has it he'll be taking the roll of John Connor. And don't forget about the Sarah Connor Chronicles series, set to start this coming Sunday on your local FOX station.

Coming this March to Kids WB on CW is The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. According to The series takes place during 16-year-old Parker’s junior year of high school. After spending the summer before honing his skills as Spider-Man, Parker will have to face the challenges of concealing his secret identity while facing off against powerful super-villains like Green Goblin and Venom. You can click here to see some sneak previews of the series.

Speaking of animation, you are already familiar with Marvel's direct-to-DVD animated movies from 2007. This year the first announcement for Marvel is New Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. The animation style looks to be made for a younger crowd (pictured) than the movies from last year. It will be directed by Gary Hartle and written by Christopher Yost.

DC only has the Superman D2DVD movie to their line-up so far, but the Justice League: New Frontier will be out very soon. Their next film is going to be Batman: Gotham Knights. For now it looks like the movie will be a filler between Batman Begin and Batman the Dark Knight.

Both films are scheduled to release in July. More information here.

And finally, according to, Universal Studios no longer has the Marvel license. It expired at the end of 2007. What this means: No more Marvel characters, rides or merchandise at the park.

Oh, I can't forget - check out this week's issue of Sequential Tart. We've got a great bit on web comics. And I review 3 great comics that came out this week in the Reviews section.

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Kal said...

Next Avengers was underwhelming.

We like a lot of kids animation because it is filled with good guys and bad guys and you can sit back and enjoy the fun. However we had a hard time doing that in this case.

We felt as though they crushed on the originals for no other reason than to launch these juvenile wanna-bes.

Anyway, here is our take on it with lots of pics and a few bits if wit if you are interested: