Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to Neptune!

Today is the official 4th birthday of Neptune Comics. Our first day of business was January 7, 2004. It was a Wednesday - new comics day. We sold just under $50 in merchandise.

Click here to see pictures from the set-up and early days of Neptune Comics. It will make you laugh if you've seen how different it looks now.

The local newspaper did a write-up on us about a month later.

I'd by lying if I said it was easy! There have been ups and downs, sometimes all in one day. We've seen great customers come and go. We've seen other comic and game stores in the area come and go. Overall it's usually fun. Sometimes frustrating. Always a learning experience. We've done lots of things right, but plenty wrong, and we're not done yet.

If you're in the area, consider yourself invited to our 4th Anniversary Party - it will be Saturday the 12th from open - close (11 am - 5 pm). We're doing a back issue blow-out with a buy 4 or more and get 40% off on all in-stock novels, manga, and graphic novels. We will also have plenty of back issues that will be 4 for $1, and others that will be 50% off. And all in-stock board games will be 1/4th off (25%). There will be plenty of great stuff to get at a great deal! And there's not entry fee. After everyone gets tons of stuff and saves tons of money, we'll have some space cleared out so we can start filling it with new products as the year progresses. We will also have free cake and other prizes and give-aways. This is our "thank you" to everyone who has kept us open for four years and I hope people find the time to stop in before the Packers vs Seahawks playoff game starts later in the afternoon.


Scott King said...

congrads guys!!!

James Meeley said...

Congratz on making the four year mark, Lisa. Here's to another four more years of comic-y goodness.

Funny thing about your celebration, too. The day after is my birthday. Sadly, though, I've come to realize that old adage that "you're not getting older, you're getting better" is really just a big ol' lie. ;)

Swinebread said...

That's Great! All the best!

bobmitchellinthe21stcentury said...

I can't believe you have free cake and I'm in Scotland! Congrats!

Devil Doll said...

Yay, party! And yay, we get to work together on Saturday! (Though I'm sure you guys aren't as thrilled to miss your regular Saturday off...)

ManoDogs said...

Congratulations! I know from experience that retailing in the comics and gaming industry is a Sissyphian feat, but you guys have made it about twice as long as most, so you must be doing something right!

Here's to 4 more!