Friday, January 25, 2008

Lost / Marvel Update

I now have a list of all of the Marvel comic books that will have the easter eggs from Lost in them! And, I've found some of the eggs that are in comics that have already come out. The list is below, and don't read past the list if you don't want to see some of the eggs I've already found.

Here's the list of all of the comics that are part of this marketing campaign

Amazing Spider-Man #548
Avengers Initiative #9
Cable Deadpool #49
Captain America #34
Captain America Chosen #6
Daredevil #104
Fantastic Four #553
House of M Avengers #4
Incredible Hercules #113
Mighty Avengers #8
New Avengers Annual #2
New X-Men #46
She-Hulk 2 #25
Spider-Man Swing Shift Director's Cut
Spider-Man With Great Power #1
Thunderbolts #118
Ultimate Iron Man 2 #2
Ultimate Spider-Man #118
Ultimate X-Men #90
Uncanny X-Men #494
What If: Spider-Man vs Wolverine
Wolverine Origins #21
World War Hulk Aftersmash Damage Control #1
World War Hulk Aftersmash Warbound #2
X-Men Emperor Vulcan #5

The eggs are below (click to enlarge). I "spoilered" out the info about where they're from, so highlight under the photo if you want to know where these eggs were discovered.

World War Hulk Aftersmash Damage Control #1, page 12, 3rd panel - Lost Kate picture.

World War Hulk Aftersmash Warbound #2, last page, first panel - "6" in the sand.

She-Hulk 2 #25, page 21, 1st panel - Oceanic backpack.

Amazing Spider-Man #548, page 9, 5th panel (this one is cool! head to the web link on the bumper sticker)

Thunderbolts #118, page 7, second panel - Lost Kate picture.

Incredible Hercules #113, page 13, 3rd panel - the building's name.

Ultimate Iron Man 2 #2, page 9, 1st panel, the name on the desk or pod or whatever that is.

I'm not sure if each issue only has one egg, or multiple eggs, but I know that in Uncanny X-Men #494 (highlight to see spoiler) Gambit's card is a 6 of clubs, and six is supposed to be an egg, plus on the third to last page of that issue at the bottom Cable says..."get LOST out there. Lost or worse." So it is possible that the comics have more eggs than what I've found. The phrase "Find Yourself" is supposed to be one of the eggs, and I've not found it at all yet, so it's possible that I've missed it in one of the issues.

Let me know if/where you find any!

Update 2/1/08 - This site has a BUNCH of the eggs pictured.

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