Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One More Day Poll - Results

If you were wondering what the results were for my One More Day poll were, here's a glimpse:

I had about three times more votes to this poll than I've ever had! And of course, most people do not agree with Marvel's end of the story.

Vaneta Rogers, who is a writer for Newsarama.com, is working on a Talking Shop column for Friday that will have retailer's and their customer's reactions to the OMD ending and how they're planning to move forward with the 3X/month BND story. So be sure to check out Newsarama on Friday -- this should be an interesting column.

And let me just say, if Peter Parker/Spider-Man turns out to be a skrull in next year's big Secret Invasion story, I doubt they'll be many people buying Marvel comics at all anymore. Hear me on that, JQ?? If you're thinking of that as an option, or if some writer suggests it in one of your SII meetings, you'd better reject it! You guys made this bad decision, now deal with it, and don't use some other stupid cop-out story to undo it because you've noticed sales sliding on the series.

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