Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Quick Links

The news came out yesterday via Variety that the live-action Justice League movie is now put on the back burner. Craig called this months ago! Instead everyone will just have to pick up a copy of the DC New Frontier DVD next month.

The popular CW show Supernatural is going to have another comic book mini-series! I'm excited because the first one really sold well for us and brought in a lot of people who wouldn't usually come into a comic book store. And people really seemed to enjoy the comic - which helps. It will be written by Peter Johnson, who is also co-executive producer of the TV series. So, while the show might be off the air due to strikes, fans can continue the adventure in comics. The series is set to start in spring (April, cover pictured). AND they even have a third mini-series they're starting to plan out.

According to Digital Spy, Kevin Smith wants to make a sci-fi, comic book film. I guess a title he's playing with is: Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers. Hmm... I think he'll need to work on that.

January is National Hobby Month.

Oh no - SanDiego Comic Con might have to actually focus on... COMICS this year!

Dan Dare comic is getting some good publicity in the UK. It is a good comic - if you haven't read it yet, pick up issue #1 and see for yourself. Then once you see how good it is, go back and pick up issue #2. #3 hasn't come out yet, so you will easily be able to get up to speed.

School in Kansas City has a Graphic Novel Club. That's AWESOME! Why aren't more schools or even libraries starting something like that? Especially since people are starting to realize that comic books can actually help promote literacy. Teachers are even developing comics-based literacy programs.

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