Saturday, March 15, 2008

Manhunter Returns - FINALLY!

Back in 2006 DC said that it would give the comic book "Manhunter" another few issues to see if fans really would support it. Well, they did, so then DC said that they'd continue the series - later.

DC's "later" took a long time, but is finally here. April 2007 was when we saw issue #30 of Manhunter - and according to we will be seeing issue #31 in June of 2008.

I am glad to hear that it IS finally coming back - I was starting to question weather or not DC was just feeding fans a line. They've kept the main character of the comic book, Kate Spencer/Manhunter around, having her make an appearance here and there. Which was nice, but not as nice has her own series was. We had several fans here, including myself, and I think we're all glad to hear the news that our wait will be over this summer.

Thank you DC Comics for FINALLY bringing back Manhunter! The solicitation for the first issue reads: Los Angeles is Manhunter’s town — so when Kate Spencer learns of the disappearance of hundreds of women along the Mexican border, she’s on the case both as law-breaking D.A. and costumed vigilante. Meanwhile, Kate’s bloodline tie to the JSA returns to haunt her — and it looks like her sidekick’s most notorious supervillain ex-boss is doing the same to him. Covers for the series will be illustrated by Liam Sharp.

The Newsarama column also has some other interior art and info on the series, so check it out.

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