Friday, March 21, 2008

Just when we thought it was over...

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Just when I thought we were finally finished shoveling we got another snow storm. Yesterday it was sunny & in the mid 40's. Today it's cold, extremely windy, and we've gotten over a foot of snow. Craig closed down the store early and I got off work early too. The roads were bad and of course people seem to have already forgot how to drive on slippery roads - we saw a car almost go off of a bridge, a car make a turn and almost take out the traffic light, and several cars in ditches, and this was just a 14 mile drive!

This photo is the view from my back yard into one of the neighbor's yards. You can see that there's plenty of wet white stuff. If you click on it you can go to my Flickr page and see more of my March Snowstorm pictures. In one you can see, or actually not see, our car. We got home around 1 pm and this photo was taken around 6 pm - so that gives you an idea of how much snow is falling here. It started early this morning, and should finally stop sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning.


JohnH985 said...

I took your suggestion for Cemetery Blues and finally got a chance to pick up the first two issues. I enjoyed them. Very well done, funny and I like the art. I'll be back for the next issue. Thanks for recommending it.

Lisa said...

Excellent! I thought it was a fun read and the art was very good - glad you also found that to be the case. The creators are great guys too.