Monday, June 30, 2008

DC Power Poster

WW2008 poster
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As many of you probably know, we don't go to Wizard World to have a booth and sell things. We don't go to buy things. We go to have fun, meet up with friends old and new, and just revel in comic book fun.

But there are a few things we'll pick up while we are there. This year we got some Secret Invasion variants and checked out a new comic book called Super Frat. We also got the great Lopresti sketch from the previous post - one of my favorite things we brought home this year. And we talked with good ole Sal a bit over at the Alex Ross booth and picked up some copies of Atomika #9.

At the Diamond booth we got a retailer gift - the DC Cover Girls hard cover book. Which is really nice. I am tempted just to keep it for myself (like the Fables covers book that's solicited in the June Previews that I SO want). The one thing I am keeping for myself is one of the giveaway posters DC had in their booth. It's the one pictured - the Real Power of the DC Universe, showing a number of DC's great gals dressed to the nines. I really think it's a GREAT poster!!! And it was free, so that's pretty dang cool too. I think it's GREAT that DC made this poster - a wonderful piece of art in and of itself, while also paying a bit of homage to their female stars, both the good and the not so good. This was the best con give away and I saw lots of people picking it up.


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