Monday, June 30, 2008

Wonder Woman Statue

Just a quick post about this Wonder Woman statue on sale coming this November - it's HUGE.

The solicitation from DC Direct says she's 16.5" tall, but it's hard to get an idea of just how large that is, especially from that picture of just the statue. But I saw it at Wizard and she's GIGANTIC!! You can see from the action figure to the left of her just how large the statue is. That figure is an Ami-Comi, which is about 10-12 inches tall, not your standard 7" figure - so keep that in mind when judging perspective.

Suddenly that $300 price tag doesn't seem quite so unreasonable. The quality of the display model was very good too - much better than I thought it would look. So if you ordered this one, be prepared for it to be LARGE, but also AWESOME.

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Ben from Arizona said...

Looks like DC Direct is maybe putting some quality into its work (???).

Still...I kinda wish they'd sign a licensing agreement with Sideshow...