Monday, August 18, 2008

Backpacks & Other Star Wars Stuff

Let me first start out this post by letting you all know we're having a Backpack Blitz sale at Neptune! On Friday August 29th all day you can bring in your backpack and get 20% off everything you can jam in there (except new comics). PLUS you can get 50% off of all back issue comic books. So plan a stop at Neptune Comics as part of your back to school shopping and save big. If you come in with a particularly interesting backpack, like the one above, Craig might even take your picture.

The above backpack is one of many Star Wars products that might make you scratch your head. That movie has generated MASSIVE amounts of merchandise. Since there are many people who will buy ANYTHING Star Wars it doesn't matter how silly the merchandise is, the maker will sell at least some of them. And who can blame them? If I could find a magical pot of gold that was full every time I went to it, no matter how often and how much I emptied it or filled it with crap, I'd hang onto that little pot of gold. To celebrate that, I'm posting images of a variety of unusual Star Wars themed items. Enjoy!

Thanks to jimsmash for a number of them!

Lamps, in case you can't tell...
Cookie Jar
Flash Drive

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backpacks said...

wow! It has been a long time since I have heard somebody talk about something with such passionate backpacks. I didn't quite understand everything but the passion flows throughout the end, it is amazing to see someone be so in depth about something.