Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I could barely finish it...

Have you ever picked up an issue of a comic book you typically enjoy, only to discover that there is a new interior artist? An artist whose work you, for some reason, just don't like? Maybe it's that the style is very different from what the book was before, maybe it's just the style altogether? Then you have a hard time getting through the issue because you just aren't enjoying it the way you used to. Has this happened to you?

Well I had this happen when I read X-Factor 33. I am not saying that Larry Stroman isn't a good artist. He's WAY better than I'll ever be, better than some other comic book artists out there too. But it's just so different from the artwork of Pablo Raimondi and Renato Arlem, two other artists who've worked on the comic. It is so manga-ish and just not as finely detailed. The characters are barely recognizable to me!

Raimondi on the left, Stroman on the right. See for yourself the vast difference in style. Now maybe you personally prefer Stroman, and that's fine. But I have to admit, I want Raimondi back!


Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, yes. I have this problem whenever artist Ivan Reis goes on vacation or something, and someone else fills in for him on Green Lantern for two or three issues. It doesn't seem to matter how good the fill-in artist is: I want REIS back, because Reis's style is what I'm used to. (Unless the fill-in artist is Ethan Van Sciver. Then I'm much more forgiving. :>)

I used to have the same problem with inkers way back when, on Dave Cockrum's second run on the X-men. But that's another story.

Ben from Arizona said...

I've got the same problem when Reis takes an issue off of GL. Even if Van Sciver comes along to pen an issue, I'm still a little let down.

New Avengers upset me a bit. We had the epic art from McNiven and then Lenil Yu's fuzziness came along. It took me a good three issues to really come to grips with Yu's work and appreciate it... but damn, was it hard.

Lisa said...

I think the publishers try not to have the story arc broken up w/new artists, but still, fans who read every issue have a hard time w/drastic art styles. I am not alone!!