Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Sgt Rock Series

DC is going to do another Sargent Rock mini-series. These usually do well in the store. While an ongoing series doesn't seem to be able to last, the occasional mini-series do bring out the Sgt. Rock fans.

This series is going to be drawn & written by Billi Tucci. That alone makes it interesting. And each issue will focus on one day, as well as the life elements: Fire, Rain, Earth, Fog, Wind and Air.

Making it even more special, CBR Reports that "The Lost Battalion is dedicated to the 275 trapped men of the 141st Infantry Regiment who fought off a German Army ten times their size and the 442nd soldiers sent on the suicide mission to rescue them. "

It sounds like Billy is really taking the series seriously - it's not just a comic book but also a tribute and a reflection of a place and time in our history. CBR says that, "Billy has spent the past year researching the 141st and the 442nd. He traveled to France and walked the actual battlefields with French historians HervĂ© Claudon and Gerome Villain and is determined to portray history accurately and has interviewed many of the 442nd veterans as well as the Lost Battalion survivors. A veteran and former paratrooper himself, Billy stated that he never knew what they endured for our country and feels Sgt. Rock can educate the public on the experiences of these special men. “In my heart I feel that this comic book series can serve as a bridge that spans generations, and brings attention to a true story of heroism, humanity and sacrifice.” The cartoonist stated."

Newsarama h
as Billy's summary of each of the covers here. He also has a facebook page for the comic with a colored cover. BEAUTIFUL! Worth clicking just to see it.

The series is supposed
to premiere on November 5, 2008. If you are interested in World War II history or just war stories, I suggest at least checking it out.


Sea_of_Green said...

I once overheard two guys in a comic shop getting in a heated discussion over a theory that Sgt. Rock fathered darned near every major male Silver Age character in the DCU. It's still one of the funniest comic book-related conversations I've ever heard. :-)

Lisa said...

I've seen some more "Exclusive" peaks at the covers courtesy of a personal email from Tucci. GREAT stuff! He's really working hard on this and I believe it will be AWESOME!

Chris said...

I make the comic book app on facebook you link to. Not sure if you saw, but you can 'pull' the title to get reminded when it's due and when the new issues get solicited etc.

We're planning some (what I think are) cool features for shops too, so stay clicked.