Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama VS McCain - you decide, with comics

IDW is publishing two comics coming up October 8th. Each one will feature the candidate's own personal one-shot story that covers their lives and careers. They aren't supposed to be overtly political, but rather personal stories about each of the presidential candidates.

The talent working on the book Comic Book Resources reports, will be, "
...writer Andy Helfer (the longstanding comics editor who recently wrote comic biographies for Malcolm X and Ronald Regan for Hill & Wang) and artist Stephen Thompson ("Star Trek: New Frontier") on the McCain one-shot and writer Jeff Mariotte ("Angel: Old Friends") and artist Tom Morgan on Obama."

If you have a favorite candidate you can vote for them in November, of course. But you can also show your support by purchasing their comic. At Neptune we're taking orders now, and each sale on release day (October 8) will be counted. Show your support and learn more about your candidate to boot, just by picking up their comic book. Each issue is 28 pages and the SRP is $3.99.

If you know you want one, and you DO want one, please let us know. We're putting in our order on Sunday. These comics have been written up in several local & national news papers, as well as all the comic book sites. They are sure to be in high demand. So make sure we've got the one you want for you when it comes out. Make your voice heard- show support for your candidate. Even geeks can get into politics!


Sea_of_Green said...

I want a Millard Filmore comic!

Ben from Arizona said...

McCain looks like Lex Luthor on that cover. Anyone else noticing this?

Lisa said...

LOL! The artists supposedly drew for the candidate they related with - a more liberal artist for Obama & a more conservative one for McCain. Although I'm not sure how "conservative" most artists are. Still Ben, that's pretty funny!