Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Anti-Con Harassment Project

Not me! That's why I support the girwonder Anti-Con Harassment Project.

From the site:

About CAHP

The Con Anti-Harassment Project is a grass-roots campaign designed to help make conventions safer for everyone. Our aims are to encourage fandom, geek community and other non-business conventions to establish, articulate and act upon anti-harassment policies, especially sexual harassment policies, and to encourage mutual respect among con-goers, guests and staff.

The convention experience is often a fun and rewarding one; we want to do our part to make it fun, rewarding and safe for everyone involved. Conventions can’t eliminate harassment, but they can reduce it, have ways to deal with it when it happens, and make it clear that it’s unacceptable in our fun con environments. Our campaign is based upon a three-part action plan we encourage con committees to adopt and adapt for their own con atmosphere and environment.

Let's all show our support for this goal and work together to help end harassment at conventions. While I haven't experienced harassment at a convention, I do believe it occurs, and I feel for those that have had to experience it. We can't stand by and tolerate this behavior. Write a letter, support those who have experienced harassment, discuss convention policies with people you know in the comic book industry.


Ben from Arizona said...

Is this the type of harassment from "outsiders" who show up at these events and make fun of people who attend these cons (example: folks who might wear a Star Wars outfit or something along those lines)? Or is this more along the lines of "stop touching the booth babes?"

The only con I ever attended was a Marvel con in Chicago in 1993. I watched Stan Lee walk toward me and then veer off. No harassment... although I'm sure plenty went on.

I never quite understood why the cons would let pop media outlets inside the place only to harass the crowd...

How do they think it's gonna boost attendance?

Lisa said...

This harassment is about boys behaving badly. Not just about booth babes being harassed, but other women at the cons.

Ben from Arizona said...


I'm all for it.

People ought to be nice.