Friday, September 05, 2008

Neptune's Moving Out

We have finally signed on all of the dotted lines and can make the official announcement that we're moving the comic book store to a new location.

Starting October 15 Neptune's new home will be 2120 E. Moreland Blvd. (see the schematic for the exact spot we'll be found in marked in lavender) It's almost twice the size of the location we have now on Sunset. This strip mall is also much larger with large anchors and other good smaller stores. Some tennants include: Blockbuster Video, Kohl's Department Store, Radio Shack, Bartz' Party Supplies and the Chocolate Factory. It is also not far from the freeway, making the store much more accessable to our many customers who commute to the store from outlying cities like Milwaukee, and we're closer to Brookfield.

This mall is actually one of the places we were considering when we were going to open the store. But they did not have availablility that fit with our time frame. The Sunset location where we are now was acutally our last choice, but the only one willing to take a gamble on a new store and having availability and price and size that all worked for us as new retailers. Our lease at Sunset was coming to an end and we felt that if we could, now would be the time to move to a location closer to the freeway and other major shopping stops. Really it has worked out wonderfly. The price and location and timing all worked out and now we can finally move to the location that we wanted when we first opened.

So far our customers have been very supportive of the move, which makes this tough decision easier. We know that it is hard to move a store and get shoppers to go to a new place to visit, but we really feel that in the long run this move will greatly benefit the store, making it bigger and better for both new and long-time customers.


Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, moving a store is always tough, but when you're getting more space and a better locations, it's certainly worth it.

Good luck with the move!

David said...

Can you google map the new location for me? I pass through the Half Price Books in Waukesha as I travel between Duluth and Milwaukee, and would stop by if it's close.


Lisa said...

It's only a mile or two west of the Half Price books. Google Map Here.

Anonymous said...