Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend Links

The weekend has, as usual, gone too quickly. But we did get a lot done. But who knew the color blue came in so many variations? We're trying to design the interior of the new location and it's not easy. So rather than a full-fledged post I'm just going to post some links.

More peaks at the really good-looking Billy Tucci Sgt. Rock comic book. I do think this is something that will sell out, so if you want a copy reserve it now.

Joe Field from Flying Colors Comics in California discusses comic book retailing in a down economy with Newsarama. He's been around a long time so as a newer retailer it is always interesting to find out what they are experiencing.

Watchmen court case goes to trial in January 2009.

Spore is now available and folks are raging about it's awesomeness. Have you tried it yet?

Fall network TV can't start soon enough. I'm dying for an episode of The Office. In desperation I've signed up for The Office Twitter Feed. The good cable shows like Eureka and Psych are going into their mid-season shut down, so the next few weeks may be sands good TV. Thankfully HBO's started already and with Star Wars Force Unleased coming out on Tuesday I'll be lucky if Craig lets me anywhere near the TV for the next couple of weeks.

At least if I'm bored I can check out some of these neat Doctor Who games. Thanks BBC!

Have you checked out Meltzer's latest novel, Book of Lies yet? I saw it racked at Borders last week. Sadly I'm waiting for the soft cover, althoug the 40% discount for Borders club members was tempting. Customers seem to like it or hate it based on reviews.

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