Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Promises, Promises

Robert Kirkman is a comic book writer. You may have heard of him, and his very popular Walking Dead series, or relatively popular Invincible series, or the unpopular Astonishing Wolf Man series.

Anyway, if you are familiar with him you know his books are NEVER on time. Often they're late. With Kirkman it's just a matter of how late.

Now he's promising that he'll deliver on time next year. So, after some 6+ years of comic book writing he's finally decided to meet his deadlines. He promises that somehow, even though he never could before, he'll actually get his work done on time. (according to

I am glad he says that. I appreciate periodicals that come out on time. But I am also EXTREMELY skeptical. Why wasn't his stuff on time before? What new change is coming in 2009 that will make his past dissolve and deliver us a new Kirkman that can get things done? Did he just need a democrat for US President?

An actually he's not even just promising, he's given us a GUARANTEE that the comics will be out on time. Do we get them free if they're late???? I doubt it. I think the guarantee just means that unsold copies can be returned to Diamond after a specified period of time on the racks. That means that while he may have to take a hit on some comics, it's not like he has to pay the consumer to buy them if they're late.

But I do hope he takes it seriously, and that the trend becomes popular and more comic book talent decides to join the bandwagon.