Thursday, May 28, 2009

For Sale, New York Office Building

Built in 1949, the Baxter Building is a well maintained 35-story office building located in the heart of New York, on 42nd Street and Madison Avenue, only a few blocks from the United Nations building.

Incorporating the style of the day, this building was originally designed for the Leland Baxter Paper Company to be use as a hi-rise industrial site to accommodate pulp recycling machinery.

The building's lobby features a snack shop, eye clinic, and NYC Visitor's Center. Four building elevators land in the lobby and there is a security desk and security system on line.

The building's 30th floor houses the building's mechanicals including plumbing, ventilation and elevator mechanisms. This floor has been well insulated to keep the sounds of the machinery from disrupting the floors above and below.

Floor to ceiling measures 24 feet on each floor. There is a freight elevator available for moving in large items.

The former tenants of the top five floors have recently been evicted, leaving a beautiful and exclusive area inaccessible to general tenants in the building and including living quarters, a large laboratory, a sizable equipment room and an entire floor of workspace that any company would be proud to call it's headquarters. These floors have their own elevator accessible only with access cards. Also available to the tenants of these exclusive to floors is a roof-top helipad. Floor plans for this area can be provided upon request.

Here is a map of the area.

For a tour and pricing call 212-213-0391 and ask for Joe Quesada.

his post is in honor of the final Lying in the Gutters column, where Rich Johnston said no one has yet sold the Baxter Building.

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