Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stolen Identity

Fellow blogger of all things awesome, Jim Smash, had this posted on his blog and it was SO blatant that I'm posting it here too.

Seems that Emily is just a young gal who stole the identity of Rosamond. Look at the covers - the cats are almost in the SAME EXACT position. Both gals have dark hair and white Mary Jane shoes on. And both young girls are, of course, strange. There are two words changed in the intro, not including the name. Seriously, this is a clear case of stolen identity! I hope Rosamond has Lifelock or checks her credit report because I would not be surprised if Emily has taken out credit cards with Rosamond's SSN.

The owners of Emily, Cosmic Debris, claim that Emily is not even inspired by Rosamond. Instead she is inspired by Morticia and Wednesday from "The Addams Family," Lydia from "Beetlejuice" and Vampira of "The Vampira Show." But DEFINATELY NOT Rosamond. In fact, Cosmic Debris is even suing the creators of Rosamond, Marjorie Sharmat and Marc Simont, in order to keep the two creators from recovering any damages from the incredibly "coincidental" resemblance between Emily and Rosamond.

According to the brief article about the suit, "Though Sharmat and Simont claim Emily was inspired by their "Rosamond" character, Cosmic Debris denies it. "Emily" has dark bangs and pale skin and wears a black dress, but "Rosamond" is "rosy cheeked and smiling," and wears dresses of varying color. The only similarity seems to be that the two are often accompanied by cats, the complaint states."

REALLY?? That's it, huh, the 3 black cats in identitical poses. The long black hair. The shoes. The similar dress style. The poem that is 90% copied. Those items we'll just disregard I guess. Nothing similar there at all. After all, Rosamond was just a story book girl. Emily is a merchandising license with her gothy gal face on shirts, skate boards and guitars.

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