Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rogers Returns?

Rich, in his Lying in the Gutters column found on Comic Book Resources, put out a rumor that continues to solidify my opinion that Steve Rogers, Captain America, killed off by Marvel a couple of years back, will at long last be returning

I'm told that the upcoming August edition of Diamond Comics' "Previews" solicits an upcoming issue of "Wizard" that makes it clear that the teased "Reborn" book from Marvel by Brubaker and Hitch is, indeed, The Return Of Captain America.

Unless this is Wizard just making it up based on supposition, marketing misdirection and general tomfoolery on Marvel's part.

I have been hearing chatter that has been indicating that Rogers' return IS going to happen, and that it would be this year. This is just one more bit of chatter that makes me believe this is not just a rumor or speculation. But of course, time will tell.

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