Thursday, May 21, 2009

Captain America is Back and Black

Not to focus on Marvel or Captain America, but I'm doing another post on Captain America rumors floating around. As I mentioned in my last post, there is a LOT of buzz about what is/might be going on with the title and with Steve Rogers.

You may have picked up the May Previews catalog and seen a solicitation in Marvel's catalog for "Reborn," a Captain America story without any description in the solicitation. You may also have noticed in recent Marvel comics a "July 2009" teaser featuring a black background with a white star, resembling Captain America's logo. Marvel has been VERY hush-hush about the story, even with retailers, encouraging order increases on the title's final-order-cutoff deadline, but not providing reasons why other than we NEED to have a lot on hand because there WILL be demand.

You might also know if you're a movie fan that there had been talk of a Captain America movie coming out mid 2009. That doesn't seem to be happening now, but you Hollywood insiders probably heard the talk. And MTV said that they'd heard rumors that Will Smith would play Captain America.

AND you might have seen back in February the collected edition of "Captain America: The Truth" return to comic book retailer's shelves. Marvel did a nice hardcover reprint of it. In case you don't know, here's Marvel's summary of the story: "In every war, people demand their champion. In World War II, that hero was Captain America. TRUTH is the controversial, declassified story of the African American men involuntarily subjected to the U.S. War Department's "Super Soldier" project, in a race to develop a serum that might turn the tide against the Axis powers ... if the Nazi's didn't get to it first. An epic spanning the time just before the attack on Pearl Harbor into the present day, TRUTH finally reveals the tragic sacrifice that a Black infantry unit made for their country — and what those sacrifices mean to a white man named Steve Rogers." Basically before Steve Rogers received the Super Soldier serum that made him Captain America, the US tested the serum on black soldiers. Also note that in that story the experiments were called "Project Rebirth." AND the cover of issue #1 (pictured) shows a black shirted individual with a white star on the shirt.

Let us also not forget that here in the United States we now have a black President. And that same President has enormous popularity, and even claims to read comic books himself.

All of these little things point to a theory that Craig, yes our Neptune Craig, put out there - there will be a new black Captain America story. As one retailer pointed out on a comic book forum where Craig shared his theory:

It's the only thing that hits all three of the main criteria:

1. It'll get media coverage.

2. It fits the title.

3. It'll sell.

What do you think? Does this idea have legs? Would YOU buy it? Would the media jump on it? Other speculation?

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Von Allan said...

Good theory. I have a sneaking suspicion you've nailed it, too. I can't see there being as big of a buzz if all Marvel does is bring back Steve Rogers. Your theory, though, covers that nicely.

Would I buy it? Nope, but I'm biased so no surprise there. Would other people buy it? Yup, probably. Does the project have legs? That's the big question.