Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Did NOT Miss Wolverine #72

For all of you Old Man Logan fans who think your comic book retailer doesn't know what he or she is doing because you never got the last issue of the story, blame Marvel, not the retailer.

Yes, that's right. You DID NOT miss issue #72 of Wolverine. I do understand that you recently took home issue #73 and were completely confused. Again - blame Marvel. They needed to move onto the next story line and unfortunately they've (as usual) been pretty easy on the deadlines for the creators of the Old Man Logan story. It's coming out this week (Thursday if you're a USA resident, Wednesday if you're not).

I know you are shaking your head, barely believing me. It's been since those bad days we refer to as the 90's when publishers felt the need to publish issues of their comic books out of order. But I swear it's true! Here's Marvel's official solicitation - with the date of May 28th on it, and the solicitation for issue #73, with May 13th as the release date. Marvel isn't even hiding the fact that THEY are the ones to blame. They let the Old Man Logan story fall well behind deadlines and then had to rush Wolverine #73 - that must have a story tying into other Marvel events. It's crazy! It's annoying! It's Marvel.

You'll get the last issue of the Old Man Logan storyline, not to worry. Just don't blame your local comic book retailer for the out-of-sync issues.

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