Monday, June 14, 2010

New Comic Talent Wanted

The Eagle Awards, the UK's version of the US's Eisner Awards, is seeking out new comic book creators. The top 3 will receive cash prizes and also have their comics included in the 2010 Initiative Anthology that will be published in print and also available digitally in a variety of languages. What a GREAT way to get some new talent recognized!

The CBR column says:

In what is an unprecedented global talent search, entrants will be asked to submit an original self-contained illustrated story. The thousands of projected entries will be assessed by a hand-picked jury of comics readers, which will present a final dozen to the panel of judges comprising many of the comics industry's top talents. Among those who have already agreed to participate are Peter Bagge, Karen Berger, Chris Claremont, David Finch, Dave Gibbons, Geoff Johns, Gilbert Shelton, Jeff Smith, Bryan Talbot, Ethan Van Sciver, Mark Waid and Brian Wood.

The judges will select a top three from the final 12 with the winner be awarded a £1,000 cash prize. The runner up will win £500 with the third place submission being given £250. All three stories are to be included in the Initiative Anthology, which will be released as a print publication and in multiple languages across the digital media.

"The Initiative is the first stage in a several year plan to reform the Eagles into a tool for developing new talent, for educating young people about the potential in the medium, and to help connect the many disparate elements of the comics industry together," added Renshaw. "As an example, we have creators, editors, publishers, journalists, festival organizers, distributors and academics from across the world among our judges."

And this isn't just for people in the UK, it's a WORLDWIDE event open to anyone and everyone. Now THAT'S exciting!

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