Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Walking Dead Series

AMC has begun it's filming for the Walking Dead series, which for those of you who don't know, is based on a fantastic comic book series by Robert Kirkman. The above picture is a zombie makeup production photo. I think it looks pretty dang fantastic!

I hope that the series will bring more readers to the comic book series. This usually does happen, at least temporarily, with the comic book based movies. Will it work with a TV series? That we've yet to see. I know the Buffy comics and Star Trek comics based on the TV shows sell well, but those series are no longer on and these are supplements to the story. While Walking Dead, at least at first, is going to be a retelling of the comic book series, so it does have the potential to poach new readers. At Neptune Walking Dead is one of our consistent sellers because it is timeless, well written, and easy to sell off of the shelf. I'd hate to see that stop because of the show, yet as a Walking Dead fan I'm excited to see those black and white sketch stories come to life.

The series is set to premier this October at AMC Fearfest. For more information on the Walking Dead series and some additional pics, click here to go to the official site.