Thursday, March 31, 2005

Comics read so far: Astonishing X-Men, DC Countdown, Other World, Rex Mundi

There were some very good books out this week. I've only read about 1/2 of what I plan to, so check back later for more!

Astonishing X-Men #9 came out yesterday. While the book has been running a bit behind schedule, I think it’s worth the wait. We left off last issue with some of the X-Men having had to defeat a Sentinel while Kitty and the children were held captive by an unknown force controlling the Danger Room. In this issue Kitty is trying to uncover what exactly it is that's got them imprisoned. Meanwhile the other X-Men are trying to figure out how to get the children free. This issue was well written, as Kitty tries to outsmart the being, and as we find out about this being and what it is. But by the end I still wasn't sure what it was. Hopefully the next issue will clarify that for me.

DC Countdown: WOW! I thought that this was a LOT of comic book, it took me a while to get through, and I’ll probably have to read it again. Blue Beatle is on the trail of some large conspiracy that seems to be out to get the Justice League; along with the help of Booster Gold he finds some good clues. But the Justice League’s major players seem to have their hands full. Adam Strange is in the middle of a war between Rann and Thanagar, and needs the help of every available League member. Meanwhile Batman is also uncovering clues, these seem to be involved in his mind-wipe we found out about in Identity Crisis. This book was well written and Raggs Morales is a fantastic artist. But, it didn’t give too much information about what’s to come in the DC Countdown Infinite Crisis story. The other books spinning off of this are: Day of Vengeance, Rann Thangar War, O.M.A.C. Project, and Villains United. These mini series should be as good as this DC Countdown, although not as many pages for such a good price. DC does a great job with continuity in their universe, and the Justice League contains many many popular DC characters. I am very interested to see how this story evolves into the 4 mini-series books as well as the rest of the DC universe.

Other World #1 is a Vertigo titles that premiered this week. The world of magic is at war, and someone must come from their world here to earth to bring Siobahn, the main character, to the magic world to save them. However Siobahn has no idea about any of this, living the life of a young college student and musician. I liked the feel of this first comic, and will be interested to see where it goes from here. A nice base was established for the story, with an interesting background on our female main character, giving her a very real and familiar feel. The art was very well done too.

Rex Mundi #13 is another part of the ongoing story of European conspiracies and hidden religious meanings. If you like stories like the one told in The DiVinci Code, you will very much enjoy Rex Mundi. It’s that type of story, where there are hidden meanings, double agents, hidden passage ways, and lots of adventure. I started reading this at #9 and fell in love. It does not come out all that often, maybe every other month. This can make it confusing because I forget what happened last issue by the time the next comes out. But, there is one collected trade paperback out already and another coming soon. These will probably be the best way to enjoy this great story.

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