Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Stuff!

I was DEFINITELY cooking up a good cold on Wednesday, when I did my last post. So, let me apologize for being a bit too crabby there. While I do still agree with both my rants, I'd do them a little less nasty today.

Now for the good stuff!

New Racks! On Monday we'll be getting new racks for most of the store. No more magazine racks to bump one's head on!!! No more trade paperbacks tipping over! So, from Saturday to Monday night or Tuesday it will be a bit chaotic looking in the store. But we're trying to make the adjustment quickly and keep things at least semi-organized. We'll have lots of "full front" book display room, making things look really cool. And the new comics will be racked by the current back issues, so that all the comics will be in one place. Pardon the mess, but hopefully once Wednesday comes along we hear the "oohhhh" and "aaahhh" when people come in to check out the new merchandise and also find new, beautiful racks. Since we just renewed our lease here for 3 more years, we figured it made sense to jump in and change the fixtures.

Good Comics! I was sick for a couple of days, BAD sinuses, so I couldn't really focus on reading. But I did pick up a few comics today during my breaks at the store. I've been reading Batman: Gotham Knights and really liking the series right now. #63 was new this week, and is part of a continuing arc involving Poison Ivy. Years ago she took care of some children who were orphaned after an earthquake. And now, for some reason, they are turning up dead. Ivy feels responsible, and wants to try to become "normal" again. I like the story - it gives Ivy a deeper personality than she often has otherwise, and involves a good mystery, as it seems that her poison might not be what is killing the orphans. Nightwing #106 wraps up the Year One story arc. This was a good arc for me, since I didn't know any of the Nightwing backstory, other than he was once a Robin. It gave me a good feel for the relationship that still exists between Batman and Nightwing, and just why the former Boy Wonder left. Runaways #2 was even better than #1. At first I thought this was just Marvel trying to take a good book and bring it back, and that the new story wouldn't be anywhere near as persuasive. The first issue did leave me feeling that way, but after reading #2 it seems like the book will go in a good direction with a strong base story. With their parents gone the kids are trying to keep the peace, when they get a visit from a Gert from the future, telling them to destroy a boy named Victor who will be the death of Gert and many many more. Meanwhile, there is a group of former teen heros who have formed a support group to try to help other super-powered teens live a "normal" life instead of a "super" one. This group has is being paid, by an unknown "interested party" to bring the Runaways to him/her. In doing so they are getting in the way of the Runaways plan to stop Victor before he becomes this evil villain Gert from the future told them about. Could this benefactor be interested in furthering Victor into "evil-ness?" Seven Soldiers, Guardian #1 was one of the better Seven Soldiers I read so far - but keep in mind this is only the second soldier we've met so far. I liked how he became the Guardian, it was a well-done origin story. Plus some action and evil pirates - who could complain?

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