Friday, November 25, 2005

News - yes, I know it's the holiday.

Yes, I know it's the holidays now, but we've hit a slow pocket in our big sales day (which has been quite the success so far), so I thought I'd look for some news to share.

DC News, as reported by Newsarama:
  • Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner new Blue Beetle ongoing: “Keith Giffen and screenwriter, John Rogers, are all set to take on a new Blue Beetle monthly starting next spring, and Cully Hamner’s new look for the character is quite amazing. But before the series starts, the scarab pops up in Infinite Crisis #3.

  • Bill Willingham Shadowpact ongoing series: “Bill Willingham will be both writer and artist on this series, as the Shadowpact spins out from Infinite Crisis: Day of Vengeance Special. Bill has been looking for the right project to pencil and I’m glad he picked this one for his return. As for Justiniano, stay tuned, big plans to be soon announced.”

  • Geoff Johns & Kurt Busiek on Superman/Action Comics crossover, and a James Robinson written storyline crossing-over Detective Comics and Batman: “We have planned stories to help re-establish Superman and Batman in the post-Crisis DC Universe. What follows each of these arcs? Let’s save that for another day.”

  • Greg Rucka on Supergirl: “Greg Rucka joins Ian Churchill on Supergirl, ‘One Year Later’. What can I say, Greg loves strong women.

  • Rucka and Jesus Saiz on Checkmate series: “What can I say, Greg loves board games. This series spins directly out of, surprise, surprise, Infinite Crisis: OMAC Project Special and Jesus Saiz did a wonderful job designing the new Checkmate. Look for a lot of familiar faces, meta and non-meta, to fill the chessboard.

  • New Wonder Woman series illustrated by Terry Dodson: “More announcements shortly on follow ups to some recently cancelled series.”
Of course I have to put some Marvel news in too. X-Men Deadly Genesis #1 sold out at Marvel. The regular print was sold out shortly after they hit shelves, we did manage to order a few of the Quessada covers before they sold out. Marvel does plan a second print.

Newsarama's Holiday Gift Guide - there's something on there for just about anyone. Plenty I've never even heard of.

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