Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sneaks & News

EARLY sneak peek of JSA #82, scheduled to come out Feb. 1.

Check out a few pages of Spider-Woman: Origin #1 (of 6). This spins out of New Avengers and will lead into a Spider-Woman ongoing series. Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS & BRIAN REED Pencils & Cover by JONATHAN LUNA, who did the art for Ultra and Girls, published by Image.

Dang it, I was really hoping that Reed Exhibitions could pull of the New York Comic-Con without help from Wizard. Aparently, they didn’t think they could, as they just announced a partnership on the NYCC venture.

Spider-Man 3 news: Christina Cindrich receives an undisclosed roll in the movie. (I don't know about you, but I've never heard of her.)

You’ve probably seen this EVERYWHERE by now, but I’m excited about it too, so I’ll tell you again. The USPS will be doing a series of DC Comics commerative postage stamps in 2006 (and the postage rates will increase). Scroll down about ¾ of the way to read and see the stamps.

Love Christmas? Don’t want to miss a single one of your favorite holiday TV specials? Then check out the list. Click here and scroll down past the mid-page ads and you will find an entire breakdown listed by genre and date.

FINALLY children want to learn again. Or maybe it’s just that the parents are sick of them not learning in school so they’ve become resourceful. Either way, science-based toys and games are hot sellers this holiday season.

Jeeze, some guy just came in with ANOTHER phone book. This one is the Greater Waukesha County Yellow Pages. I think this is our 5th or 6th phone book this year, not counting doubles. HOW MANY PHONE BOOKS DO WE NEED? Seriously!

A 9-year old girl in Lansing Michigan just had her own comic book published. Her first work was called “Meow Wow,” which got her appearances on Leno and Ellen. Now, she’s set to go with her second work, “Faith, Warrior Princess.” Apparently she writes and draws them, and art that she once sold for 25 cents can now fetch $1,000. Way to go, Layne Toth! Keep an eye out—in a few years she could be a comic book sensation!

The Vatican has published a sell-out comic book on Pope John Paul II (we don’t have it, sorry). Aimed at children, it depicts the Pope as a superhero.

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