Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What you've Been Waiting For

Have you been wondering what happened to that favorite comic of yours? Well, it might just be late. Here's what's coming in tomorrow that should have come in weeks, or months ago.

Walking Dead, published by Image, is late as usual. Issue #32 is coming out tomorrow, and the last issue was Sept. 20. In truth, this is one of the smaller delays on this book, sadly enough. It's great, I read it, but wait for the collection in trade - I could never endure the delays between every issue.

Man Called Kev #4, published by DC, is over a month late, since the last issue came out 9/13. Same with Devil's Due's Dragonlances Chronicles Vol. 2 #3.

Hey, did you realize that there was still a Wonder Woman comic being published by DC? I know, it seems like that's not the case. After they re-started the comic with Alan Heinberg on it, it has been nothing BUT late. When issue #2 was starting to become late, DC announced that it would become an every-other-month book, instead of an every-month book, but just for this Heinberg run. Somehow, it now has become a every-three-month book, since issue #2 came out 8/23/06.

Fathom #9, like most Aspen publishing comics, is late. Fans tolerate it because the art is beautiful and Turner has had continual boughts of cancer. Issue #8 came out 8/9/06. I believe he's ending the series with issue #11.

The Enigma Cipher sounded like a good book when we ordered the first issue back in June. That means it should have hit my shelf in August, but Boom! Studios, the publisher, held onto it until now. It's a Bourne Identity type of action/mystery story that sounds like it could be good, and it is only a 2-issue long story. But, if it takes an extra 2 months for issue #2 to come out, I fear we'll never sell it.

Finally, there's Street Fighter 2 #5. This is one of those that is so late I don't even know how long it has been between issues, but it's been since at least April. Probably longer since we ordered it in February to arrive in April.

There you go - some of the latest books I'm getting in this week.

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