Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What you've Been Waiting For

Surprise of surprises, this week there weren't many late books. Even books that are typically late, like Spawn, Savage Dragon and Powers are pretty much on-time. Maybe the publishsers are FINALLY getting the message?

The two books that were the latest this week are both published by DC.

Rush City #3 is about a month and half late, with issue #2 having come out on 9/7/06. I believe that lateness will plague this book throughout its 6-issue run. On the plus side, there aren't many people reading it anyway.

Superman Batman, on the other hand, is quite popular, and fairly late. Issue #29 came out 8/30/06. I was hoping that once Loeb was off of this title DC could manage to get it back on a monthly schedule. Unfortunately I was wrong. But at long last issue 30 will be arriving this week.

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