Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What You've Been Waiting For

Here it is, once again, my weekly installment of What You've Been Waiting for. Again this week you've been waiting an extra day - next week should be back to normal. And, some of you out in the West Coast have been waiting extra long, and will continue to do so. Keep in mind that just because you've been waiting for a comic doesn't mean it's necessarily late - some comics just don't come out every week or month. But, there ARE late books on the list too, so don't be too merciful.

The shortest of the waits is Civil War #6. Thanks to strep throat and "retail partners" this book is a few weeks behind the second scheduled date which was even later than the original scheduled release date - got that? Issue #5 came out 11/15. I believe the same is the case for Amazing Spider-Man #537.

Were you starting to think that DC canceled "Superman?" Well, they didn't. The last issuse came out 11/8/06 and finally #658 is hitting most shelves tomorrow.

Soulfire Chaos Reign is one of those where I think it was late, as Aspen books so often are, but I'm not positive, since it's been an almost perfect 2 months between issue #2 and #3, with issue #2 having hit shelves 11/1.

You'd think a dead guy would have the free time to get his comics out on time! LOL - a bad joke about the delays on Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters. The first 2 issues were on-time, then #3 was a couple of weeks late back on 10/18/06 and now #4 is finaly supposed to ship, almost 3 months after the last issue.

Finally, here it is, the latest of the late books I'm getting this week... All Star Superman #6. (although when put up against All Star Batman & Robin it is fast, since the B&R series started sooner and is still only as far as #4) I've decided to change the name of the All Star line to the "Really Late" line. So, Really Late Superman's last issue, #5, came out on 8/30/06. YIKES! This was supposed to be an every-other-month comic, wasn't it?

I forgot to give kudos last week to Savage Dragon and Spawn for getting back onto a monthly release schedule. Sure, they're several issues behind, but I'm glad to see that there was only a month gap between issues this time.

AND did anyone notice that Justice League of America #5 was only 2 weeks after #4? I think they did get off of the original schedule early on, but it seems that they worked to get it back on it's original dates.

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