Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If You are in New York, Don't go to KFC

It sounds like the inspectors in charge of public health that inspect restaurants aren't doing a very good job in New York.

According to a story on FoxNews.com, back in January 22nd someone photographed a rat that fell from the ceiling and ran across the floor while he or she was eating. A complaint was filed and the health inspector came in. The story says that, "The department said the inspector, Cemone Thomas, "underreported the rodent-related findings and failed to take proper action ... which constituted a 'gross dereliction' of her duties."

On Feb. 22, Thomas documented only 87 rat droppings and didn't cite an additional 20, which would have caused the restaurant to fail the inspection and could have forced it to close immediately, the department said."

The day after this investigation someone shot video of the inside of the store before it opened, catching rats running all over the inside of the store. This was reported to the local health department and the store was closed. Ms. Thomas quit her job before they could fire her.

How long until we see these videos on YouTube, I wonder? I can't eat KFC anymore because my body doesn't like all of that low-grade chicken coated in grease, and I got food poisoning about a year ago from the local Taco Bell and I haven't gotten food from there since. Needless to say, reports like these won't change the frequency of visits I make to those establishments. But, if I were in New York I might look around a bit before I decided to sit down and eat somewhere.

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Dick Hyacinth said...

There was video on MSNBC's website the day the story broke. It might still be there. And yes, it was pretty gross. Vegetarianism~! (Oh wait, I eat at Taco Bell on occasion....)